Halloween is just around the corner – the time for everyone to dress spooky and freaky or look like their favorite movie character.  In anticipation of the showing of the first part of the 7 Harry Potter movies, Deathly Hallows, a lot of people will surely be rummaging through malls and costume shops to look like their favorite Harry Potter character.  Whether you are siding with “the boy who survived” and his friends or “he who must not be named” and his minions, there is surely a costume that fits you just right.  Here are some Harry Potter Halloween costume ideas that will surely make heads turn as you trick or treat this October or attend costume parties with your friends.  You can still be in a Harry Potter costume without looking like “just one of the Hogwarts students”.

Harry Potter Hermione Cardigan and Tie Child CostumeIf you happen to be a girl Harry Potter fan, then it is not at all surprising if you find yourself drawn to the character of Hermione Granger.  She may be Muggle – born but that does not stop her from being at her best in everything she does.  In fact, this Gryffindor student is known to be an overachiever in academics.  She was described by the author to be a “very logical, upright and good character”.  It is not at all surprising that she is best friends with Harry Potter himself and Ron Weasley.  She may have been simply a new student in the Sorcerer’s stone but in Deathly Hallows, she is transformed into a fugitive (If you’re a Harry Potter fan as I suppose you are considering that you’re reading this, then you know exactly what I am talking about).  This Halloween, get rid of the old Hermione costume (the one with poofy hair and regular Hogwarts uniform) and don the look of Hermione Granger dress up version – exactly how she looks like in the anticipated film this November.  Not only will you look like your favorite character but you’d look pretty awesome too in either the bloody red dress she wore in the party or the striped long sleeve when they were on the run.

If you would rather be on the other side of the fight, then you can wear a Harry Potter Death Eater Costume. Harry Potter Death Eater Child CostumeIn the upcoming movie, they already control the Ministry of Magic.  Be a powerful minion of the Dark Lord and totally spook people in parties or as you ring the doorbell when you trick or treat.  Dressed in all black with a scary Death Eater face mask, you will definitely send people trembling on their knees this Halloween.  Harry Potter Death Eater costumes for sale sometimes even come with a wand used by most of their kind.

Get more amazing Harry Potter Halloween costume ideas only here at nerdyhalloweencostumes.com.  You can still be in your Harry Potter costume without looking like one of the million Hogwarts students.

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