Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is already showing in a month’s time.  Are you all geared up to wear Harry Potter costume ideas for the Halloween?Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Adult Costume Surely you don’t want to pass this chance to be in your favorite Hogwarts attire as you trick or treat or go to costume parties during the October 31st festivities, right?  Go from house to house or from party to party as either a Griffindor or Slytherin, whichever house you prefer to be a part of.
Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince Deluxe Slytherin Robe Child Costume Harry Potter Premium Gryffindor Robe Child Costume
Dress up your traditional dark colored Hogwarts robe with the school’s seal by donning Harry Potter scarves.  You have several to choose from.  You can either be Hogwarts student in general and put on the knit, tasseled scarf with a red and yellow color combination.  Show the world that you are a wizard in training as you have some fun this Halloween.  Still, you can differentiate yourself even more by choosing to be a Griffindor just like Harry Potter himself and his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  How?  You have the option to wear the maroon and yellow scarf marked with a Griffindor seal to highlight your Hogwarts robe.  Still, if you think that you are sly, crafty and cunning like Draco Malfoy and all the other death eaters, then be an undercover Lord Voldemort student in Hogwarts by being a Slytherin.  Simply put on a scarf with a moss green and grey combination then you are a wizard to be rooting for the Dark Lord himself.

If you want to be like a wizard on a quest this Halloween or just a wizard who is traveling, you may also want to consider wearing a Harry Potter cape with your Hogwarts costume.  We all know how wizards constantly use capes and how it gives them an elegant, powerful look, especially when the wind is blowing.  Dress up your wizard costume with a cape and look even more convincing in your costume this Halloween.

This October 31st, be “in” with the most sought after movie of the year by coming up with Harry Potter costume ideas.  Dress up your traditional Hogwarts robe with 4 options.  First, you can wear a knit Harry Potter scarf to look like one of the students in the prestigious school of wizardry.  Second, choose to be on the side of Harry and his friends by being a Griffindor, in which case you have wear the scarf that’s exclusive to their schoolhouse.  Third, choose to be a Slytherin like Draco Malfoy and wear a Harry Potter Slytherin scarf.  Fourth, be a traveling wizard by donning a Harry Potter cape that would add elegance in your stance.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Scarf

Be at your best this Halloween by looking like a true blue Harry Potter wizard in all the festivities that you participate in.  Put a lot of thought in your costume and stand out from the many Harry Potter fans out there.

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