Are you still at a loss for a Halloween costume? Tired of the usual superhero and spooked up characters to portray? Tap your inner geek and prove that the geeks are indeed the modern sexy – smart, cool, and cleverly adorable. No more dumbbell fanatics with bulging shoulders. Wear those Geek Glasses that may be as suave as the iconic James Bond.

Online geek resource

Have a nerdy blast with the assortment of costumes available in For under $10, be the proud owner of the complete Deluxe Nerd Kit, which includes: classic black glasses held by a bandage in the middle, irreplaceable goofy teeth, iconic black bow tie, and of course a pocket protector.

Still, clothes define a true geek. For the full effect, wear a buttoned down, short-sleeved white shirt. Find a pair of black pants that are too short and too high at the waist. Complete your whole new look with a belt so tasteless that you can only love the one wearing it.

However, if you are the meticulous kind, then the $36.99 Nerd Adult costume gives you the real lowdown. Perfect for dad, brother, and even your sweetheart, its centerpiece is a one-piece jumpsuit that comes with plaid bottoms that actually reveal too much. Signature white buttoned down short sleeves, bowtie with attachment, and requisite black belt will make you a geek with the stamp of approval from well-loved generations of nerds.

Tip: to really be one with the techie crowd, wear a buck toothed costume ($3.99) to accentuate your pearly whites. For more bling to your smile, get the billy-bob teeth braces ($12.99), much like the ones worn in the geeky comedy on real beauty called Ugly Betty.

Be a popular geek

The entertainment industry has paid homage to the geek, helping elevate their status from mere outliers to cultural icons. In, you can easily be transformed into your favorite geek, whatever generation they may come from.

And whose geek has withstood the test of time than the red-adorned Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame? From the red-striped sweater to the signature hat, you will never disappear into the crowd once you slip into the $36.99 Where’s Waldo costume kit. You will surely be an unforgettable character in any Halloween gathering.

For the more modern dude, Napoleon Dynamite embodied a cute and very relate-able teenage archetype. Live the magic of this persona made popular by Jon Heder. Only in this particular online store can you find the complete ensemble of a contemporary geek.
Shell out less than $20 to get the geeky stylish brown jacket partnered with moon boot tops. Have a blast with the ladies, while you turn on the disarming charm.

Of course, who’s to forget the ladies? Ugly Betty, played by America Ferreira, can be your inspiration for a Halloween costume. Her $24.99 costume kit will not only lend a unique fashion take on real beauty, but will also be proving that beauty and brains can still go together.