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During most days of the year, the nerds are outcasts, exiled, teased and laughed upon.  They only emerge as the cool bunch once annually – during Halloween.Halloween is a holiday we celebrate every 31st of October.  Although it is regarded as a fun event with kids trick or treating, wearing costumes, going to parties, decorating jack o’ lanterns, going to ghost tours and haunted attractions, having bonfires, telling ghost stories and watching horror films, there is so much more to Halloween than most people realize.

Halloween is not just some event marketing practitioners thought of to make more money (although it’s true that Halloween is hyped by sales and advertising these days).  Halloween is a Deluxe Nerd Kittradition that’s rich in history, worthy to be studied by historians.  Some people believe that it was derived from a Roman feast that celebrates Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds.  Still others say that it came from Parentalia, a festival of the dead.  Majority of historians, however, are convinced that the tradition sprang from Samhain, a Celtic festival that mans “summer’s end”.
The Celts believed that during this time of the year, the border between our world and the spirit world becomes blurred, allowing good and bad spirits to pass.  The good spirits like ancestors are welcomed with ritual celebrations.  The bad ones are warded off using ugly masks, costumes, bonfires and lanterns.  Does Halloween and the tradition make more sense to you now?

Although the concept of Halloween has changed an awful lot over the years, some of the practices were carried over.  No amount of commercialization could completely eradicate the foundation of the olden tradition.  So why am I telling you about the history of Halloween?  Becomes I’m a nerd of course and the holiday is just around the corner.

Today, Halloween costumes need not be scary or terrifying although some people still go for the traditional “look” so to speak.  Others, however, go for a more contemporary feel – nerdy Halloween costumes.  It’s the time of the year when people have the excuse to allow their nerdy side to emerge.  It is not just tolerated and more than accepted.  Nerdy Halloween costumes are considered the new October 31st fashion trend.Napoleon Dynamite Teen/Adult CostumeHow many times have you seen people, young and old alike, wear Hogwartz uniforms?  It’s not scoffed upon are laughed at.  In fact, it’s the only time of the year that people would think that it’s cool.  Others go for their favorite science fiction character.  Some would dress up as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia (in her slave girl outfit), Captain Picard of Star Trek The Next Generation and the list goes on.  Others opt to wear the coolest (or scariest) outfit of them all – traditional geek wear with suspenders, high waist pants with a polo shirt tucked in, thick glasses and braces.

The concept of Halloween may have changed throughout the years but one thing remains the same – it’s the time when the freaks are not simply tolerated but accepted and even celebrated.  So go wear the most nerdy Halloween costume you have.  It is, after all the new October 31st fashion trend.